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Geography Lesson 06

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Мурманск (Murmansk)
Казань (Kazan)
Магнитогорск (Magnitogorsk)
Барнаул (Barnaul)
Ангарск (Angarsk)
Палана (Palana)

Мурманск (Murmansk) - Administrative center of Murmansk Oblast, located in Kola Bay, otherwise known as Кольский залив with залив, of course, meaning bay or gulf.
Казань (Kazan) - Capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan (Республика Татарстан). With a population of over one million people, it’s the eighth largest city in Russia.
Магнитогорск (Magnitogorsk) - A city of about 400,000 located just east of the south end of the Ural Range near a mountain of almost pure iron called Magnitnaya Mountain.
Барнаул (Barnaul) - A city of about 600,000 located along the Ob River and administrative center of the Altai Krai (Алтайский край).
Ангарск (Angarsk) - A city of about 230,000 located just 51 kilometers west of Irkutsk.
Палана (Palana) - Town located on the Kamchatka Peninsula (полуостров Камчатка) and is the administrative center for the Koryak Okrug (Корякский округ).
Ангарск находится всего в пятидесяти одного километрах к западу от Иркутска.
(Angarsk is just fifty-one kilometers west of Irkutsk.)

Магнитная гора почти чистое железо.
(Magnitnaya Mountain is almost pure iron.)