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Geography Lesson 08

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хвойный (coniferous)
тайга (taiga)
Сибирь (Siberia)
лес (forest)
ягода (berry)
биом (biome)

Taiga (тайга) covers roughly eighty percent of Russia. In fact, taiga is the world’s largest biome. Other biomes found in Russia include semidesert, deciduous forest, mountain steppe, tundra, mountain tundra, steppe, and mountain forest.
Siberia (Сибирь) is mostly taiga and Siberia is basically the eastern portion of Russia or everything east of the Ural Range.
тайга (taiga) - also known as boreal forest or snowforest, is a biome consisting mainly of coniferous forests (хвойные леса plural or хвойный лес singular). Trees likely to grow in a taiga biome include:
пихта - fir
лиственница - larch
ель - spruce, fir-tree
ёлка - spruce, Christmas tree
кедр - cedar

Other plants likely to be encountered in the Russian taiga include:
жимолость - honeysuckle
земляника - wild strawberry
брусница - cranberry, lingonberry
черника - blueberry, bilberry
смородина - currant
биом - another word for biome is ecosystem or экосистема (или экологи́ческая систе́ма) in Russian.
Лиственница это хвойное дерево, ежегодно сбрасывающее хвою.
(Larches are conifers, annually shedding their needles.)

Много съедобных ягод растёт в тайге.
(Many edible berries grow in the taiga.)