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Geography Lesson 14

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состоять (to consist of)
округ (district)
назад (back, ago)
прошлый (last, past)
стать (to become)
часть (part)

Russia is divided into nine federal districts including:
  1. Far Eastern
  2. Siberian
  3. Ural
  4. Northwestern
  5. Volga
  6. Central
  7. Southern
  8. North Caucasian
  9. Crimean

Russia's federal districts contain a total of 85 federal subjects including:
  • 48 oblasts
  • 22 republics
  • 9 krais
  • 4 autonomous okrugs
  • 3 federal cities
  • 1 autonomous oblast

Крым стал частью России.
(Crimea has become a part of Russia.)
Россия состоит из девяти федеральных округов.
(Russia is comprised of nine federal districts.)

Крым стал федеральным округом год назад.
(Crimea became a federal district a year ago.)

Крым стал федеральным округом в прошлом году.
(Crimea became a federal district last year.)